Children First Learning Center, LLC is privately owned by Mike and Jan Lowe of Siler City, NC.  Our center is dedicated to higher levels of learning in a safe, moral, healthy environment.  We will strive to provide innovative programs, a nurturing environment, and a warm atmosphere. We are licensed for children age birth to five years.  


Our goal is to help children develop into confident, competent human beings.  Our desire is to prepare them for kindergarten as well as life. We hope that they will have a great deal of enjoyment along the way. 

We want each child at Children First to learn to think for himself, to discover the value of friendship, and enjoy the learning process. 

We want to encourage every child to develop emotionally, socially, and intellectually while in our care. We will provide a safe, positive environment to stimulate that growth.  Our classrooms have been designed to encourage exploration, creativity, and independent thinking.  Our children will play individually, and as a group.

We will provide a curriculum that is child-centered, and experience oriented for all ages.  We will attempt to guide each child to develop a sense of responsibility for his/her actions.

We will provide biblical principals and positive character traits such as honesty, dependability, and loyalty. We want to encourage children to respect themselves, others, and their environment.

We believe that communication between family and management is very important. We attempt to be a family oriented center because we believe that the family is of great importance to your child.


The following are a part of our curriculum:

  • Character and social development
  • Math Concepts
  • Vocabulary and verbal skills
  • Music appreciation
  • Arts and crafts
  • Science and nature study
  • Pre-Writing and reading readiness
  • Creative free play
  • Physical fitness

Early Pre-School

Our goal is to build self confidence and language skills through music, games, stories, and nursery rhymes.  Creativity is encouraged through music, painting, puzzles, and other activities while teaching the basic concepts of color and shape.  Each child is encouraged to build social and emotional skills as well as experience the fun of learning. 


Pre-school curriculum continues your child's development of social, emotional, and physical skills.  We also encourage positive behavior towards others. Science, art, pre-writing, math concepts, and reading readiness are very important at this age.  We strive to introduce your child to numbers using pre-math activities and simple addition.